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Every thing you need to know about video series

Video blogs that focus on topics related to Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Meditation, Mindfulness, training and other related areas.

Some of these will include coaching concepts videos, psychotherapy concepts videos, coaching techniques videos, psychotherapy techniques videos.

Step by step guide to help clients in reconditioning thoughts

When we talk about thoughts, it is important to recognise that only because we can consciously become aware of them doesn’t really mean that we consciously create these thoughts. In fact, most of these thoughts are really automatic and the

How to Create an Actionable Plan of Action In Therapy?

Helping clients select an outcome is the easier bit, helping them work towards achieving that outcome is where things begin to get trickier and that is exactly the reason why the plan of action becomes really really important. How to

Abstract metaphors

How psychologists can use abstract metaphors with clients

Have you ever come across a client who was just not able to define their problem. Some who started with If you are a psychologist or a coach, either you have already come across someone like this or sooner or

SOFT SEA Coaching Model

SOFT SEA Coaching Model

SOFT SEA or the SO FACE THE SEA Coaching model is probably the most powerful and comprehensive coaching framework that is structured yet flexible, which ensures that you and the client walk together on a path that is in sync

GROW Coaching Model

Classic Coaching Models – GROW, RE-GROW and T-Grow

A coaching model is a framework; it’s the underlying structure that you can use when you’re coaching someone. This structure consists of different components or steps. Each component or step has an objective that allows you to ensure that the coaching session

S-O-R theory from behavioural Psychology: Complete Guide

Introduction In this post, we will focus on one of the most important concepts from behavioural psychology, namely: the S-O-R Theory. S stands for Stimulus, O for Organism and R for Response. Have you ever wondered what drives our behaviours