HYPNOBIRTHING is more of a philosophy than a technique. It simply means using hypnosis to assist childbirth. It is a safe, easy and a natural process, where the mother births her child comfortably and naturally with minimal or no pain.

It's not against medicines

Hypnobirthing does not go against medicines. Women can give births the way they do in a nursing home or a hospital under the supervision of their gynecologist but without any medication or surgery by using all the learning.  Hypnobirthing is not about “training mothers to give birth”—when undisturbed women already know how to do that instinctively. In short, Hypnobirthing helps the mother make her bodywork with her and for her!

How hypnobirthing help?

Over a period of 5 sessions  the mothers along with their birthing companion (husband or mother or  mother-in-law or friend) will learn

 Positions for labour and birth


Deep relaxation and Self-hypnosis


Release fears and anxieties related to child birth


Breathing and Visualization techniques


The crucial role of partners


Empowering Mental Health Professionals

Psychologists and coaches create emotionally and financially fulfilling career