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Every thing you need to know about Coaching Competency

Coaching competencies refer to the specific knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes that a coach must possess to provide effective coaching. They represent the minimum standards that every coach must meet in order to be considered as being competent.

For a comprehensive introduction to what are coaching competencies, why are they important and how to develop them, click here

Top Techniques to change the limiting beliefs of clients

Finding the right technique to help clients change their limiting beliefs is one of the key challenges that coaches and psychologists face. Top 7 techniques to help clients change their limiting beliefs: 3 Techniques used by almost all coaches and

Designing Actions in Therapy- Coaching Competency

In this in-depth look at the 9th CHC Core Coaching Competency, we would take you deeper into the constructs of creating your personalised roadmap to success. What really does this competency of Designing actions mean? “Designing actions” is about the

Step by step guide to help clients in reconditioning thoughts

When we talk about thoughts, it is important to recognise that only because we can consciously become aware of them doesn’t really mean that we consciously create these thoughts. In fact, most of these thoughts are really automatic and the

How to Create an Actionable Plan of Action In Therapy?

Helping clients select an outcome is the easier bit, helping them work towards achieving that outcome is where things begin to get trickier and that is exactly the reason why the plan of action becomes really really important. How to