5 Love Languages

To improve your relationship

Words of Affirmation:

Simply saying words that make your partner feel good, wanted, loved & accepted. For example, you are looking beautiful, I appreciate what you did for me, I love you, thanks for being with me…Etc.

Quality Time

This means “spending time together” showing your undivided attention, affection & energy to your partner. E.g, going for a walk or just sitting together and talking. It can also include doing absolutely nothing but cherishing each other's presence & company.

Acts of Service

Here love is expressed by “helping them”..in their work. E.g. finding some files, doing household chores together like washing dishes, preparing a meal, or even small things without expecting anything in return.

Giving Gifts

Some feel loved by receiving gifts. It can be anything…It doesn’t matter whether the gift is expensive,  luxurious, or not What matters is that it is something they like, has an element of surprise, and is preferably gift wrapped. This makes them know that “you think about them, & you care"

Physical Touch:

Touch by the right person can make us feel warm & comforting. Touch  though includes sex  (in a romantic  relationship) is a  lot more than that. Even simple touch like holding hands together, giving a peck on the cheek, hugging, or just massaging your partner after a long tiring day has the power to elicit love!!!

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