Discover overcome Hurdles

Explore the journey from helplessness to happiness and learn how to overcome the hurdles along the way. Discover the power within you to transform your perspective and find joy.

My Journey:  Helplessness to Happiness

Understanding how our perception of good and bad influences our emotions. Learn how feeling helpless due to circumstances beyond our control can impact our well-being.

Becoming fine with helplessness (or at least I thought I was fine) and doing nothing to feel better.

Stage 1: Playing Dead

Stage 2: Ask "why me?"

When playing dead did not help, I started wondering "why is this happening with me?"

Stage 3: Suppressing Helplessness with Positive Thinking

Try to give a positive flip at everything happening in my life by trying to find the silver lining.

Stage 4:  Insight

Gaining insights into the power of perception and how it can influence our emotions. Exploring the idea that most problems in life are a matter of perspective.

Overcoming Helplessness: It's Not Just About Positive Thinking

Discovering the importance of not solely relying on positive thinking. Understanding the potential pitfalls of pushing aside mistakes and problems under the guise of positivity.

Overcoming Helplessness: Learn and Grow

Reflecting on the tendency to run away from our true feelings. Embracing the idea that every experience in life has a purpose and offers an opportunity to learn and grow.

If you are a therapist who works with clients, struggling with a sense of helplessness, you would love the Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Approach.