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Every thing you need to know about Case Studies

Case Studies for Coaches, Psychologists and Psychology Students containing step by step guides for helping clients achieve their desired outcomes and overcome various emotional, behavioural and psychological issues.

Before checking out these case studies, you may want to start with exploring

1. What is Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching?

2. What is Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy?

All the Coaching and Psychotherapy case studies mentioned on this page are based on these approaches.

Executive coaching - case study on stress management

Executive Coaching – Case Study

Recently, I received a call from Jay (name changed) who was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and weighed down because of his commitments in life. He was wondering whether coaching can help him. After having an initial conversation over the phone, we

Divorce / Separation Counselling case study for therapists

Case Study on Separation Counselling

Recently, I received a call from Anu (name changed) who was struggling with Emotional issues and psychosomatic pain in her shoulders and lower back. These issues started after her husband informed her of his decision to move out of the

Decision Coaching Case Study

Decision Coaching/Counselling – Case study

Recently, I received a call from Priya (name changed) who was trying to overcome indecisiveness about whether she should continue with the job or set up her own private practice. She wanted to know how Decision/clarity Coaching can help her

Sexual Abuse Counselling – Case Study

Recently, I received a call from Tina (name changed) who was struggling with her childhood memories of sexual abuse. She was wondering whether therapy can help her. After having an initial conversation over the phone, we planned for a session.

Why learning hypnosis must be mandatory for all counsellors?

In this post we will focus on understanding what is the role of a counsellor and how hypnotic counselling can help the counsellor fulfil that role effectively. Introduction Mental health is one of the most spoken about topics in today’s

devanshi thakkar

The Subtle Art of Saying NO – Complete Guide

Introduction Knowing when to say NO and saying NO when it is important to say No is the key to live a happy life. It is for this reason that one must learn the Subtle Art of Saying No. What

Psychology of Weight Loss – Step by step actionable guide

Introduction In this post we will explore not just the biology but also the psychology of weight loss. We will also look at simple steps that can help people manage weight and also explore the steps that therapists can use

Understand & overcome learned helplessness

Are you or some you know experiencing learned helplessness?

SKY IS THE LIMIT Introduction Learned Helplessness is probably one of the biggest reason why so me people despite of having the skills and the circumstances are not able to achieve their desired outcomes. In this post we will explore

Regression - Defense Mechanism

Regression – A Defense Mechanism

In this Article, we will focus on Understanding what does regression as a defence mechanism mean How it can benefit in the short run How it can create problems in the long run and Finally how therapists can help clients