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Fingers Crossed Magical Undoing Defense Mechanism

Introduction In this post we will focus on understanding the psychological defense mechanism of Magical Undoing, along with the steps therapists can take to help client move beyond this defense. Magical Undoing: Examples Instance 1: When the teacher asked me why I bunked class the other day, I crossed my fingers behind my back before […]

Introduction Have you ever attended a motivational program or conducted one? Have you noticed how most participants at the end of the motivational program are highly motivated and excited to achieve their goals? It has been generally seen that most trainers take this excitement and energy as a barometer of the program’s success. As a […]

Understand & overcome learned helplessness

Introduction Learned Helplessness is a formidable barrier that often impedes individuals from realizing their full potential, despite possessing the necessary skills and resources. In our exploration of this psychological phenomenon, we delve into its intricacies and offer strategies for triumphing over its grasp. Learned Helplessness: Case Study Unveiling its Impact Student: Ma’am, I am not […]

Introduction In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, Human Resource (HR) professionals are at the forefront of driving organizational success. However, the challenges they face are multifaceted, ranging from enhancing employee engagement to navigating through complex change management processes. Amidst these challenges lies an untapped potential – the transformative power of Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching. Understanding the Essence […]

Introduction Stress is probably one of the biggest challenge that most people face today. Stress can be triggered by so many factors and yet there are few of us who are able to manage stress effectively. Let us delve deeper into understanding what is stress, what are its causes, how you can manage stress by […]

In this post we will explore the NLP Presupposition of “The Law of Requisite Variety” and its application in life and during therapies. This picture quote by Thomas Edison—the inventor of the light bulb—is much more than just a daily motivation shot. We’ve always been taught to see Dr Edison as an example of never-ending […]

Many counsellors and therapists that we mentor, frequently ask us about the steps in counselling or therapy that we follow with our clients. Most of these practitioners are looking for a framework that can provide them with a structure or step-by-step process that they can follow with their clients. So in this post, I am […]

In this article we look at the NLP technique of Perceptual Position and how it can help us resolve conflicts and negotiate more effectively by understanding other people and situations better. In one of our previous articles, we have discussed how People function as per their Maps. Since different people can have different maps, the […]

Falling in love is the easy part. Sustaining, nurturing, creating and maintaining a relationship in which love cannot just survive but thrive; that’s what creating extraordinary relationships is all about. The first step towards creating happy relationships is to re-look at our understanding of what is relationship. Relationships are like business transactions, wherein giving and […]

Cover Image for the Article on NLP Presupposition - People Respond as per their maps

In one of the previous posts we discussed how map is not equal to territory. In this post we would explore how people respond as per their maps and not as per the reality. Let us begin this post with some imagination. It is okay if you find it difficult to do so, but give it […]

Intellectualization is a defense mechanism that many individuals employ to cope with challenging situations. In this article, we will delve into the concept of intellectualization, its purpose, potential problems associated with over-reliance on this defense mechanism, and how therapists can effectively guide clients through it. We will also explore a real-life case study to illustrate […]

Cover image for the article on Understanding what is catharsis and why it is not enough

In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate concept of catharsis, exploring why it holds significance and, more importantly, why it often falls short in addressing emotional turmoil. Many of us have experienced those challenging days when despair, depression, and helplessness seem to envelop us, leaving us yearning for an emotional release. In our quest […]